The Howlett Hill Fire Department

The Howlett Hill Fire Department

Here at Howlett Hill Fire Department, or HHFD, we pride ourselves on being able to take care of our community. We work hard to be there whenever someone needs us, and do anything we can to help make a difficult situation better. We were founded back in 1948, and respond to approximately 500 alarms annually. These are a mix of medical emergencies, or motor vehicle collisions, some structure fire responses and as needed service calls to community residents.

We dutifully serve both the residential as well as the rural communities up in the Northwest parts of the Town of Onondaga, located in central New York. Most of this area is served by means of hydrant delivered water, and we are lucky to have good water pressure thanks to the hilly terrain surrounding the district.

The HHFD is not limited to simply fire suppression. We also provide services for many of the residents of our district and surrounding communities. Click on our Services tab above to find out more about these services.

Come out and see what the HHFD does on a regular basis, and if you like what you see, consider signing up to become one of our volunteer fire fighters today